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Girls Room Zine Limited Edition Series

Girls Room Zine Limited Edition Series

Girls Room project is a bold and thought-provoking collection of zines that explores the boundaries of intimacy and human connection. In this daring project, photographer Thierry C fearlessly captures the essence of everyday encounters by approaching random girls and inviting them into their own spaces to pose for intimate portraits.

These powerful and provocative images peel back the layers of societal norms, revealing the raw and unfiltered beauty found within these spontaneous connections.

“Girls Room” challenges traditional notions of intimacy and celebrates the authenticity that can emerge in a vulnerable moment. With each page turn, you will witness the captivating stories and emotions unfolding within these intimate spaces.

By capturing these chance encounters, Thierry shines a light on the complexity of human connections, encouraging us to reflect on our perceptions of intimacy, nudity, and the narratives we construct around it.

Embrace the limited edition nature of this series and immerse yourself in a world where vulnerability and intimacy converge, leaving an indelible impression on the viewer.

Limited to just 50 copies, each zine is numbered and signed by the photographer.

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