China Girl Photo Book

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A large format coffee table book of 60 Intimate Portraits and Interviews of modern Chinese Girls

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China Girl Coffee Table Book

Since China opened its economy to the world, the country and its people have undergone a century of change in half the actual time. China’s women are no longer just caged birds, nor do they only hold up half the sky. So what have they made of themselves through the Chinese Miracle?

By interviewing and giving his portrait subjects creative control, Thierry C has given Chinese women a powerful way to express themselves, on their own terms rather than according to the propaganda line or the orientalist narrative.

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22 reviews for China Girl Photo Book

  1. Marc Porrot

    January 6, 2017
    That book is the best gift you can make from China once you are done with tea leaves and cute chopsticks. The topic is treated creatively, pictures are an honest beauty and a great way to learn what Chinese women really want and think!

  2. James Taylor JR

    Quite a piece of work, with very interesting interviews, and great portraits!

  3. Jacques. L

    Awesome work, excellent quality book and design

  4. Ronan

    Awesome book, great realization!

  5. Serge Aree

    My best buy 2017…super interesting to know better about the mysterious Chinese girls!

  6. Trevor P

    solid body of work. A very personal take on modern china.

  7. Sabine Marchand

    Tres joli livre mon mari etait ravi de ce cadeau!

  8. Thierry H

    Amazing work. A window to China girls’ diversity.
    A wonderful walk among all those girls through Thierry’s eyes. The interviews clearly add to this unique experience.

  9. Ingrid Torres

    Excellent book! a good overview of mysterious Chinese girls and very nice portraits

  10. Greg A

    THE photo book of the year here! Very original concept to leave the photos theme to the model’s mood & inspiration. An awesome shooting and printing job from Thierry for what will remain as an era’s testimony.

  11. Kevin NYC

    A must have, these modern portraits of Chinese girls and interviews will leave a mark in time.

  12. Gary VanD

    Beautiful book! Nice portraits and the interviews are completing my curiosity

  13. Julien L

    Amazing work for this unique book…stories, pictures…i lived in china for a while and this book is an excellent summarize of chinese ladies lifestyle and diversity…Bravo Thierry

  14. Stephane M

    Congrats on this achievement a perfect piece of work!

  15. Kathy Lin

    I’m jealous! i’m not in a book like this…nice work Thierry thanks to open this mystery box about Chinese girls!

  16. Jaylin Jonhson

    My best 2017 purchase indeed! Super interesting, bravo for the photos

  17. Christophe PRADERE

    It is a very sensitive work that the photographer present here. It’s a creative vision not only on chinese women, but also on the diversity of China. The way the artist look at all those women is like the way a writer would tell us a story that a part would still need to be imagined for our best pleasure. This book is sensually poetic.

  18. Jean Luc Coche

    Very nice book, interesting to read and nice photos!

  19. Sheba

    A really nice piece of work, it’s really nice to know more about this new generation of Chinese girls, photos are true and beautiful.

  20. Paul D

    My passion for China just took a step ahead ? nice piece of work!

  21. Michael Wirth

    finally this beautiful book is out ! And it worth it for all these portraits of chinese women in their diversity . Thierry has a very artistic and sensuel way to show that and the interviews help a lot to get deeper for understanding the personality of these woman . Bravo Thierry !

  22. Eleanor Moseman

    What a beautiful and thoughtful honor to women of China! It could have easily been women of the world, as each woman shares secrets and thoughts of her own that resonate with every woman.

    Photography often lacks the ability to bring subjects to a multi-dimensionality but Thierry and his models have brought life into these pages, almost as if a symphony or dance. They are not just merely faces, responding to the male-gaze, but you can feel the interaction between photographer and woman – a performance of sorts.

    In a country, where women are often not praised for their individuality while standing strong to their authenticity, this book lets all their unique beauty come to light.

    I was left a bit speechless after the initial look through it, it was well beyond anything I expected.

    Not only are the images breathtaking in their own right, the quality, layout, and design of the book is one of the best I’ve encountered.

    Thank you Thierry, and wonderful women, for adding such a wonderful and thoughtful photography book to my collection.

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